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Amy Perruso is a longtime resident of District 46's beautiful Wahiawā, Whitmore Village and Launani Valley. Amy's endeavor to educate our keiki has taken her around the world, from California to Shanghai to Finland and, finally, to Hawaii public schools, where she taught and organized teachers for twenty years before running for office.

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Our children are our future, and public education is the most powerful tool we have to create social justice and prosperity for all. We need to fully fund our public schools and treat our teachers like the highly educated professionals that they are, so that our children and their potential are honored.


We must balance economic growth with environmental preservation. Addressing the climate crisis with vision and courage requires that we rethink the way we do everything, from food to energy to transportation, so as to benefit the working families of Hawai'i.

Working Families

We are one 'ohana, from Wahiawā to Whitmore Village to Launani Valley. We are a proud local working class community, grounded in diverse cultural traditions and social norms, all of which put the common good before personal profit and emphasize the need to kokua. 

Public Health and Emergency Preparedness

Protecting public health requires proactive decision-making. We are modeling preparedness even as we advocate for more investment in preparedness and climate resilience.

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